Mein Tagebuch: 05.03.2022

05. März, Samstag: Ukraine, Tag 10

Georg telefoniert jeden Tag mit unserem Freund in Kiew. Dieser pendelt zwischen seiner Wohnung und dem Luftschutzkeller hin und her, die russischen Bombenangriffe finden meistens morgens zwischen 3 und 5 Uhr statt. Unterdessen gibt es bereits mindestens 1.5 Millionen Flüchtlinge, die ausländischen Journalist:innen haben das Land verlassen. Um so wertvoller sind die Berichte unseres Freundes, die ich hier aus aktuellem Anlass wiedergebe. Verständlicherweise will er anonym bleiben.

 «The situation remains very dramatic. Today, the occupying troops captured Kherson in southern Ukraine. They also control smaller cities to the north and northeast of Kyiv. They were captured by troops and sabotage groups who came from the territory of Belarus. Today, the occupying troops of Belarus itself have also come to Ukraine. To the north of Kyiv, a huge column of tanks and combat vehicles of the invaders is concentrated. It is not known when they will launch a general offensive against Kyiv.

“So far, rocket attacks on Kyiv and neighboring towns are carried out several times every day. Today, Russian fascists shelled the Kiev TV tower. Missed, rockets hit the nearby Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Babi Yar. The Jews of Kyiv have already been shot twice - by German fascists in 1941 and now by Russian fascists in 2022.
At night, the situation on the main roads and local roads is very uncertain. Parts of the segments are controlled by our troops, part by groups of saboteurs. Russian fascists are engaged in looting, take away from the population, food, fuel and lubricants for transport, take away mobile phones, because our government has turned off mobile communications with Russia and the phones of the occupiers do not work.
Saboteurs seize the cars of our citizens left on the streets and in the courtyards of houses. At night, looters commit sabotage on these machines, attack our troops. During the day, there are few cars on the streets. We don't know who is in them. 
As you understand, under such conditions, the delivery of any humanitarian cargo by private carriers is impossible. Very high probability of their destruction on one side or the other. The task of carrying out military or humanitarian transport is carried out only by our army or carriers authorized by it. Dear friends, if you collect any assistance to Ukraine, which we now badly need, seek contacts with our army and our military administrations. From my point of view, the best way is to find contacts with hubs of assistance to Ukraine, which are organized on the territory of Poland, possibly Slovakia. But not in Hungary, whose leadership is torn between Europe and the Kremlin.
In the first two days of the war, the civilian population could still leave Kyiv, but now it is almost impossible. Our friends from Italy and Poland offer us to move. In Poland, there is even an empty house that they offer to give us. But running away is now irrational. There is an equal chance of dying here as on the road to the western border. We remain prisoners of the situation.»

Foto und Text: Petra Dobrovolny und NN

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